Fascia, Soffit & Rain Gutters

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House Toppers is a company that has been helping people find the best solutions for their roofs since it was founded. We know what you're thinking: how can I be sure my home's needs will fit into one package? Well, don't worry because at House Toppers we've got everything covered!

From gutters and soffits to fascia boards - all in our original packaging with free installation included.


The fascia board is a crucial component in the structure of your home. If you're facing any problems with damage or repair, all that needs to be done are some small adjustments to your roof and our friendly professionals will take care of everything else for us!


This board is typically tucked away under your fascia, and it has an important role in ventilation. Air flows into the house through these holes when they're open to allowing fresh air outside while blocking any returning warm or stale indoor air from coming back inside again - which means you need them carefully sealed so no leaks occur! Fortunately, we can take care of everything for our clients including making sure that the soffits look perfect too with all new moldings installed by professionals who know what makes a great finish without costing an additional penny.

Rain Gutters

As serious homeowners, we know that your gutter system is an integral part of keeping up with the maintenance of our houses. These systems are designed to collect water from the roof and channel its downspouts where they then flow away before entering onto surfaces such as sidewalks or concrete driveways below- not only does this protect your home's foundation but also keeps things cleaner by removing excess moisture in its surroundings!

The team at Home Toppers guarantees ultimate satisfaction every time - no matter what kind (or how many) gutters need servicing. Book an appointment for a FREE quote.

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